Helping Your Business Grow

Whether you’re considering a new business location expanding your existing one, or thinking of taking the plunge to start your own business, the Rowan EDC is here to provide support.

With our concierge approach , our team can assist you with every need as you evaluate the many variables that will lead to your success.

The sustainability and longevity of business relies heavily on a skilled workforce. Rowan County is striving to create a seamless path to entering the workforce through a joint effort involving our award winning K-12 school system and post-secondary educational institutions.

Incentives for locating or expanding your business in Rowan County are also available to reduce risk and help ensure a successful business operation.

Please contact the Rowan EDC to discuss your specific project and the various ways we can assist you in achieving your goals. Our economic development team works closely with local, county, state and federal agencies to ensure your success.

Thank You To Our Funding Partners