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If you’re seeking the perfect location for your business, join the many others who have located in Rowan County.

Rowan County offers unparalleled proximity and access to markets and workers. We’re within a 60 minute drive of four million persons and a 1.3 million person labor pool-more than our larger metro neighbors in Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte.

A central location on the U.S. East Coast and the sixth busiest global airport put the world within Rowan County’s reach. 53 percent of the US population lives within 12-hours trucking distance or a two-hour flight.

We also offer education and training, a skilled workforce, competitive real estate, incentive packages and business-friendly utility rates.

That’s why major companies such as Daimler Truck, Continental Structural Plastics, Gildan and Food Lion collectively employ more than 5,000 people here.

For more information on expanding your Rowan-based business, contact Kendall Henderson, Director of Business Development, 704.637.5526 or Kendall@RowanEDC.com.

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