Mission, Vision & Strategy

Focused Effort to Increase Growth, Opportunity and Prosperity

To promote and facilitate business retention and strategic business growth in Rowan County.

As the lead economic development organization, the EDC will promote, encourage, and support high quality growth and development with an emphasis on maintaining a balance between agriculture, industry, commercial and residential development. Successful future growth shall increase the prosperity of the county’s residents; the competitiveness and profitability of industry and commerce; the quality of life of the area; and the fiscal stability of local governments. The county-wide effort shall be characterized by:

• Visionary leadership anticipating and adapting to change with a commitment to achieving results
• Competitive, high-quality communities with a diverse offering of development opportunities
• Pro-business mind-set focused on ease of doing business
• High responsiveness to advantageous economic opportunities

The EDC will be a high-performance organization dedicated to leading the effort to develop a high-skill/high-wage economy for Rowan County.

Strategic Plan

Accelerate Rowan – View information on our economic growth strategy.

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