Other Incentives

Infrastructure, Utilities and Training Assistance to Lower Costs


Duke Energy offers an economic development incentive rate for new and expanding companies. They include:

Economic Development Rider (EC)
Provides new large qualified customers a discounted power rate for four years of operation (1,000-kilowatt (kW) minimum load). Requires $500,000 capital investment or 75 new employees per 1,000 KW load. Other conditions apply.

Economic Redevelopment Rider (ER)
Provides new large qualified customers who occupy an existing building a 50 percent discount on power for one year (500-kW minimum load). Requires $200,000 capital investment or 35 new employees per 500 KW load. Other conditions apply.

Carolinas Investment Fund (CIF)
Special fund that can be used to supplement a county’s incentive package for a project or to support site readiness and industrial park development.

Natural Gas
Piedmont Natural Gas Company has an Economic Development Rider available for qualifying projects.

Workforce Development
Rowan County and North Carolina provide recruiting, screening and training services through a coordinated network of nationally recognized economic and workforce development agencies. Read More


N.C. Departments of Commerce and Transportation, Joint Economic Development Program
The N.C. Department of Transportation and the North Carolina Department of Commerce work closely together to provide transportation improvements and infrastructure that expedites industrial/commercial growth and provides new jobs or job retention. Read More

North Carolina Department of Transportation Rail Industrial Access Program
This program uses state funds to assist in constructing or refurbishing railroad spur tracks required by a new or expanding industry to encourage economic development. Read More

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