For companies that are looking to relocate in the Charlotte metro area, Rowan County offers several business cost advantages, including low-cost electricity, lower construction costs, competitive labor costs, and an affordable cost of living. Combine this with North Carolina being Forbes magazine’s “Best State for Business” three years running, and you have the No. 1 state for doing business.

Didi Caldwell, of Global Location Strategies and a leading global site selection authority, recently said that Rowan County has won the industrial site Powerball with its

  • good quality roads and interstates,
  • high voltage electric transmission lines,
  • interstate natural gas transmission lines,
  • plentiful water,
  • and wastewater treatment capabilities.

“The Powerball is the workforce that you have available from the larger population centers that are so close by,” said Caldwell.


As a state, North Carolina received top-10 rankings for best business climate (No. 2), installed solar power capacity (3), tech talent pipeline (4), biotechnology (5), customized training (6), food processing (8), best business tax climate (10) and fastest-growing states (10).