Strategic Location

At North Carolina’s Population Center

Rowan County offers an ideal location at the population center of the growing state of North Carolina. Nearly 4 million persons live within 60 miles of Rowan County – up to a third more than our better known neighbors, including Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh or Greenville SC.

Rowan County’s central location has been a draw for people and commerce since the early 1700’s when German and Scotch-Irish settlers traveled the Great Wagon Road to settle here. In 1896, J.P. Morgan chose the area as the site of the Southern Railway Company’s steam locomotive servicing facility because of its location midway between Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Ga.

Today, Rowan County is still a draw for both businesses and individuals. For businesses, we are conveniently centered within one day’s drive of 60% of the US population – providing easy access to customers and suppliers. Residents like our Piedmont location that is just a short drive to either the beaches of the Outer Banks or the breath taking beauty of the Western North Carolina mountains.

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